After nearly 4 happy years of working for my employer I have just be Tupe transferred over to another company and have been made redundant. The picture above is a little ironic!
Now usually in a redundancy situation people would find themselves in times of despair or hardship, but I am choosing to see the positive side of what has happened. I had a great 4 years with fantastic colleagues , managers and directors and I even won an award this year, I learnt some great skills which I can take forward with me into my very exciting future.
Of course I will miss my old lot dearly, and you never know I may return one day but for now I am focusing on me.
I don’t think this redundancy could have come at a better time for me, The My VIP Card is going really well and I needed some time to put into the new side of my business, Soon the My VIP Card will be launching in Hampshire as an employee benefit card, for smaller businesses (Or larger if they want it) to reward their staff and motivate them.
The card will also be available to sole traders and will have discounts aimed at smaller businesses helping them to save money like printers, marketing, PR , training , social media and web design all at reduced prices. Yes there are products on the market like this already, but this card is local, all of the discounts on the card are for local businesses, and the discounts are things they can use daily, also you can see what the discounts are before you buy! And its cheap! and a one off payment for a year…. I could go on!
I got a nice (little) pay out from the company I TUPE transferred over to, which will help keep me going for a couple of months, I like working in an office though so I will always want to work part time alongside running my business , I like to feel useful and I am praise junkie! So I will be looking for part time work or freelance in the E-Learning/Marketing/ Comms arena if anyone hears of anything.
But the positive of this redundancy is that it is giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams, to start something that has huge potential and I feel proud of the way I have handled it all , because lets face it whichever way you look at it losing your job is scary! But I know that when the time is right I could return to my old employer as they valued me and know my skill set.
I would urge anyone facing redundancy to try and look at the positives of what you have achieved in your time at the company you work for, look at what you have learnt, the friends you have made and what you can take into your next role. I can assure you that a positive outlook will not only help you at interviews but it will unlock potential and maybe even be the key to your dreams.
I don’t think i would be this positive if it hadn’t been for the support I have had over the last year and a half from my manager and my coach at my old job (You know who you are
But I know I can look forward to my future whatever it may be, knowing that I tried my best, it wasn’t personal , and that I not only made some great friends but I pushed my career forward.
If anyone would like to discuss freelance E-Learning or marketing opportunities with me please get in touch.
If you are a business that would be interested in joining the My VIP Card and marketing to thousands of local parents, professionals and small businesses please check out the My VIP Card website (myvipcorporate coming soon) or email
If you are facing redundancy grab the bull by the horns and do something for you!
Maddy xx