The My VIP Card is a discount card for parents covering the Hampshire area. Our aim is to help save money for parents in Hampshire, getting them out and about and introducing them to new places to go.
We are really into supporting local businesses and aim to get our customers to shop local.
When we heard about Block Party Cafe getting broken into, my instinct kicked in and I really wanted to help them! Laura put out a truly heartbreaking video and I knew she needed our help, so I set up a Go Fund Me page to help them recoup some of their lost earnings! I mean, it wasn’t just money that was taken, there was damage to the premises, loss of earnings from having to close for the day, and above all the emotions that come with going through something horrible like this. Money was also taken from Picked By Penny, the fabulous pop-up organic baby clothes retailer, which is situated within the Block Party cafe.
Block Party and Picked By Penny are two of our 180 business partners and I do whatever I can to make sure that I look after all of my partners on the card. I know if that happened to my business I would be heartbroken.
The My VIP Card is all about community, we have our own Facebook group (My VIP Card Discounts) Where our members can find out about offers and things going on in the community.
The Power of Facebook, Linked in and other social media sites has managed to raise over £1,000 to help Block Party which is frankly incredible! After visiting Laura at Block Party today she is in such a better place than she was yesterday and is overwhelmed by the generosity of the public and her supporters!
Over half of the donations raised came from members of the community Facebook group The Southampton Baby & Toddler Forum, some of which have never visited the cafe before but I expect will do now to show their support.
It is so important that in hard times like these everyone pulls together and does their bit.
After taking to Laura today she wanted me to release this statement on her behalf
The community response is overwhelming and has given us a silver lining we could never have imagined ,The Go Fund Me page launched by Maddy was a completely unexpected blessing.
Local businesses have rallied round us and hopefully we can move forward in supporting each other to stay more secure.
I never expected my tearful message to reach so many and I would like to thank each and every person who has helped build us up stronger than we were before. What an awesome community we have around us
So there we go , a horrible thing made better by the community we have around us! It is so heartwarming to have such a great community, businesses and customers alike helping out in a crisis.
If you would like to donate to help Block Party out with their losses the Go Fund Me is still live.
Block Party plan to have a community day to thank everyone in person, so please keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details
Please continue to support local businesses! Block Party offer 10% off entry prices for My VIP Card holders, along with over 180 other partners, to get your card for only £19.99 (valid for 1 year with no tie ins) visit our website:
and follow us on Facebook:
I would like to thank everyone who donated myself. You guys are blooming awesome!
Lots of love
Maddy x