What is My VIP Card?

We help you save money and shop local, guilt free shopping whilst helping to support your local community!

Find new places, experience new things and connect with people in our communities.

We offer two levels of card to suit your budget

Classic gives you amazing local discounts and Premium gives you access to the full package with local and national 

Go on treat yourself!

Over 600 local Hampshire Discounts

Over 3,500 national rewards, cashback and attraction tickets (Premium only)

Up to 40% off Cinema (Premium Only)

Use your card just a couple of times to make your money back plus more! Our card holders save between £40-100 a month! Check out our Facebook reviews and testimonials!

Buy as an individual or for your team as an employee benefit

My VIP Card – Discounts you will love 

Search for discounts here, or check out the A-Z list:

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What is My VIP Card?

Over 400 Hampshire Discounts

Over 2500 national rewards, cashback and attraction tickets

Up to 40% off Cinema

Our values are Community, Family, Fun and  Value for Money

Use your card just a couple of times to make your money back plus more!


Get Discounts On…

Beauty & Wellbeing

Travel & Hotels

Food & Drink

Household & Motor

Business & Corporate

Childcare & Education

Family Fun & Days Out

Events & Parties

Fitness & Days Out

Photography & Video

Gifts & Keepsakes

Clothing & Footwear

Plus more participating companies added daily!

Our Partners

Explore our list of A-Z partners or search above and start saving today!

We have over 400 local partners and over 2500 national partners!

To get you all set up with your card there is an annual cost of just £29.99

You will then receive your card and access to loads and loads of benefits. Take a couple of discounts and you will have made that £29.99 back several times over!

Get your My VIP Card now…

My VIP Card Classic – £19.99

My VIP Card gets you impressive discounts on over 600 local products and services in the Hampshire area!

Let’s face it, life is expensive and we want to help your money go that little bit further. 

From Food & Drink or Fun Days Out, to Plumbers and Business; the My VIP Card can help life feel a little bit more affordable.

My VIP Card Premium – £29.99

Over 600 local products and services in the local Hampshire area – everything that is on the classic card.

PLUS over 3,500 national discounts AND up to 40% off cinema!

The premium card get’s you discount on almost everything you need, even your weekly food shop!


“We have saved so much and tried new places we hadn’t even heard of! We have a list of places we want to try as a family and couple! Fab card!” Toni

- Southampton

“Only had my card for about 2 months and it’s paid for itself twice over already!
Great concept and great local savings… highly recommend (and not just for Mummys)”

- Southampton

“Only had my card a few hours and it’s already saved me money!! Can’t wait to see where else I can get discounts. Thank you so much.”

- Southampton

“Couldn’t be happier with my discount card. Such a variety of uses. Coffee for me, play dates for mini me and so many other uses that will come in handy over the year. Will recommend to everyone who loves saving money.”

- Southampton

“One of the best things I have brought! Arrived quickly and the discounts are amazing. Will be recommending to everyone I know.”

- Southampton

“What’s not to love. A card which gives you discounts on everyday places I’d be visiting anyway.”

- Southampton

Do you run a Hampshire based business? Want to work with My VIP Card?

We offer a whole host of benefits for being a My VIP Business Partner! The best being free advertising for your business

Email maddy@myvipcard.co.uk for more information