The My VIP Card was founded by Maddy Alexander-Grout in December 2017 ,

Maddy wanted to help people to save money and get out of the house more in a tough economic climate, she is also passionate about helping local businesses to get more customers and from this the My VIP Card was born.

Maddy is passionate about helping people to “shop local” which is why she only advertises businesses who are local in Hampshire.

With over 10 years experience in recruitment, training and e-learning Maddy wanted to help companies to retain their staff and save money on recruitment and training so she launched the My VIP Card as an employee benefit scheme in June 2018 after seeing how successful it was for individuals and due to the unique Hampshire discounts companies are very keen to get the card for their staff!

The My VIP Card’s values are Community, Family, Fun and Money Saving

Anyone can buy a My VIP Card, so what are you waiting for? get your card now and start saving!

Over 600 Hampshire based discounts and over 3,500 national benefits, cashback, discounted store cards and vouchers

Maddy, Ben & James