Maddy and Ben Pic

Maddy, Ben and James

About Me:


Hi, I am Maddy, I have a little boy called Ben who has just turned 2 , a Husband called James and a dog called Dexter , we Live in Southampton and I would say we are a pretty normal type of family.

I set up the My VIP Card because I am passionate about helping people to “Shop Local” and as a parent on a budget I like to save money but still want quality products and services

The My VIP Card helps businesses to get more customers and it also help people to save money whilst shopping local.

With the My VIP card, you can have some of the luxuries that you may not be able to afford without a discount and also get rid of the guilt that sometimes comes with paying for things for you. The idea came to me at 4am on a sleepless night with Ben, he didn’t sleep through the night until he was nearly 2 so I had a lot of thinking time!


All of the companies are hand picked by myself and I make sure that all companies on the card have a good reputation


The cards values are Community , Family and Fun , I like to live by these rules and when it comes to picking companies I try to ensure that they fit this criteria.

Anyone can buy a My VIP Card , so what are you waiting for? get your card now and start saving!