I went for a coffee with the lovely Nikki Tapley from Hampshire Parents in Business on Wednesday and she got me thinking, are people making the best out of their cards?
We met up at Playshack soft play in Hedge End; Nikki had her two adorable little girls with her. We started to talk about discounts and places she was using her card and she did not know that Playshack was on the list! She could have saved money there and then! https://www.play-shack.co.uk/
Nikki also runs informal social networking meet-ups for parents in business through Collabor8. https://www.collabor8here.co.uk One of her Southampton meet-ups is currently at La Baronia Mexican restaurant where you can also get a discount, she did not know about that one either! https://labaroniarestaurant.co.uk/
So it got me thinking how many card holders do not know about the 180 discounts we have on offer? On the My VIP Card website we have a full A-Z list of discounts providing the names of the businesses featured on the card, their profiles and how much they offer as a discount (If viewing on mobile you need to scroll left to see all the details) https://myvipcard.co.uk/a-z-discounts/
We also have a discounts group where a lot of the businesses promote their “Pop Up Deals”, which are extra deals in addition to their existing offer to card holders! https://www.facebook.com/groups/137523383543256/
We also post in this group every time a new business is added to the card. The discounts we have help you to save money on the every day. I bet if you were to go and check the list there would be things you didn’t even realise you could get a discount on! We actively encourage you to take pictures and share where you are using your card, so that you can inspire other card holders.
We have a search function on the home page, so if you type in a key word you will find related discounts; if you can’t find what you are searching for let me know! It may mean we have a gap and I will do my best to find something suitable for you.

Search function , Top of the homepage on the website
There are so many card holders I speak to who do not know about some of the discounts; we always do a launch post but Facebook doesn’t show you everything just because you like the page, so please check the A-Z and make sure you are using your card. https://myvipcard.co.uk/a-z-discounts/
Also if you have any questions, or struggle to redeem your discount where some are a bit more tricky message me! And just ask; there are no stupid questions I promise. I want you all to get the best from your card. You can also ask questions in the discounts group; we are a community where everyone is happy to help.
We add approximately 5 new discounts per week, so please make sure you check the website! We are working on ways to make the website more user friendly, any suggestions are more than welcome. Please have a read of some of the reviews on the Facebook page, a lot of card holders made their money back in just a couple of uses and are really happy.
“Got my card pretty much as soon as it became available as I was excited to be using it for the hundreds of days I spend at soft play. I saved a small fortune buying the kids new shoes from Frenchs and there are so many other companies that I am looking forward to using. My card has pretty much paid for itself already, so I’ll be quids in for the rest of the year” Gemma Webb
“I got my vip card two days ago and have already made my money back with a free Turtle Tots lesson and some swim pants. Very good value for money. Will definitely recommend to as many parents as possible” Louise Fielder
“Only had my card for about 2 months and it’s paid for itself twice over already! Great concept and great local savings… highly recommend (and not just for mummys)” Belinda Patterson
“The discounts available are great. I’ve already used it on pizza and will be using it on soft play on the weekend. Excellent value for money. The card arrived quickly thank you” Cheryl Whant
“We have saved so much and tried new places we hadn’t even heard of! We have a list of places we want to try as a family and couple! Fab card! “ Toni Chilton
“Made my money back almost straight away , 📷 will be getting a new card when this one expires” Alice Tibbs
A massive thank you to everyone who has already bought their card! To buy yours, please click on this link: https://myvipcard.co.uk/product/my-vip-card/
Maddy x