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Auspicious Goose Brand Kimchi is made in Lancashire, UK using our beloved Korean family recipe. You will receive a super huge 500g pack of our hand made kimchi!

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We only use the finest oriental ingredients sourced from our authentic suppliers. Your kimchi will include Chinese leaves, daikon, ginger, spring onions and the all important Gochugaru! It will be lovingly packed and dispatched to you via our 1st Class express courier. Kimchi is the heart and soul of Korean cooking. But its use and deployment does not finish there! Our kimchi pairs beautifully with the flavours of southeast Asian cuisines. But the taste adventuring continues far and wide. I am yet to find a foodstuff that hasn't been improved by adding kimchi. In fact our turkey sandwiches this Christmas were emboldened and garnered stratospheric with a spoonful of Authentic Goose kimchi! But the best thing about our Kimchi? Our kimchi is alive! Auspicious Goose Brand kimchi is unpasterurised and full of living, healthy probiotics, that boost immunity, energize the body, aid digestion, lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. Our Kimchi simultaneously tastes sour, tangy, salty, spicy, and pungent! It will continue to ferment in your fridge packing more umami flavours than you could shake a Dan Bong at! As for heat, we feel we've created kimchi with the perfect balance of elegance and power. Your taste buds will not be disappointed. **Note - due to the nature of Kimchi and its continued fermentation process we send all items first class express service. 



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