I am a Confidence and Empowerment coach. I work with women all over the world to help them to truly BELIEVE in themselves and regain control of their lives. My mission is to empower all women, so you, yes YOU can live the life you truly desire. How does Self-Confidence effect your ability to manifest your dreams?! Simple…
To ask for what you truly want, you have to BELIEVE that you are worthy of receiving it. A lack of Self-Belief will not only limit what you ask for but it will also have a huge impact on what you allow yourself to receive.
My greatest gift is listening to people.
Together we will identify negative thought or behaviour cycles and I will give you the keys to regain control and be able to choose again. So if you are feeling stuck where you are, feeling lost, have no idea who you are or what you want. If you know exactly what you want but no idea how to get there.
Confidence and Empowerment is not an issue for the ‘weak’. In fact you have to be pretty strong to say ‘I need help’. Life can be very lonely at times when you can’t stop the negatives. But I am here and I support you every single step of the way!! You’ve got this!!!
Love Lisa
I am offering you 20% off all courses and the first 5 one to one sessions you book.

My courses include:

*12 Weeks to freedom – teaching clients how to identify and then take control of their negative though cycles. 

*Confidence with the Coach – empowering women through increased confidence and self esteem 

*Happiness Now – teaching clients how to live a full and fulfilling life using positive psychology 

*Love All Of Me – teaching women how to love themselves by teaching them self love and self belief systems. 

You can find out more at changethisup.com