Welcome to Solace Reflexology, a wonderful holistic therapy that aims to relax, rebalance and restore your mind, body and soul.

The organs, systems and glands of the body are mapped across the feet, hands and face. Pressure is applied, using thumb walking and massage, to the reflex points on these areas which can help to release any blockages in the energy channels and create balance to the whole body. 

It is deeply relaxing, can help with many health issues, like sleep troubles, headaches, menopausal symptoms, stress, anxiety and can help circulation.  It truly is a wonderful therapy!

I also perform Thai foot massage which is treatment that involves a massage of the lower legs and feet with the hands, stretching and the use of a specially designed stick to stimulate the reflex points. It can help circulation, flexibility, promote stress relief, improve sleep and is deeply relaxing.

I run my business from a lovely calm treatment room at my home in Bransgore in the New Forest.

DISCOUNTS: 10% discount off all treatments

HOW TO REDEEM: On production of the VIP card – please mention at booking.


Website: www.solace-reflexology.co.uk

Contact Details: sally@solace-reflexology.co.uk