Toadstools and Sprinkles Events we run unique parties and workshops! We also provide invites, party bags can be added at a small additional cost. Cakes also get a discount if ordered with a party!

Here’s a list of parties we offer…

Miniature garden parties
Choose your theme –
You can mix and match two themes if you like.
We start with a pot which has a magical door attached to the front. I read a story to set the scene then we plant a pretty plant in our pot.
Then there’s a huge selection of handmade accessories to fill out pots which may include (depending on theme);
Fimo figures
Washing lines
We then hide a secret key and sprinkle magic dust all over our gardens.
We then play some games and finish off with a craft.
Maximum 10 children.

Art parties
We start with discussing famous artists and looking through some art books. We talk about the colours they use and the media they work with.
Each child gets a canvas board which they can get creative with using paints, pencils and pastels.
We then play some games and finish off decopauging a box.
Maximum 10 children.

Younger children cupcake parties
Aimed at the under 5’s.
Each child gets a box of 4 cupcakes, they’re given a selection of stickers to decorate their box.
We then open our box and smother the cupcakes in colourful buttercream and top with sweets and sprinkles.
The playdoh table is then open, with a huge selection of cutters and playdoh we make playdoh cupcakes!
We then play some games and finish off with each child getting a bag of sweets or popcorn and I will read a fairy cupcake story.
Maximum 10 children.

Older cupcake parties
Each child gets a cotton apron to personalise with fabric pens.
Each child gets a box of 4 cupcakes, they’re given a selection of stickers to decorate their box.
We then open our box and smother the cupcakes in colourful buttercream and top with sweets and sprinkles.
We then finish with playing some fun games.
Maximum 10 children.

Pamper parties
Recommend ages 7+
We start with a mocktail reception and enjoy the chocolate fountain with marshmallows and strawberries.
Then we make our own hand scrub and then enjoy a water bead hand spa and hand massage.
Then it’s make over time! Eyeshadow, lip gloss, hair chalk and nail varnish for everyone!
Party bags included.
Maximum 6 children.

Slime parties
The ultimate in slime and mess! Make your own slime, play in other messy activities such as jelly and water beads.
Play some fun games.
Maximum 10 children.

Minibeast parties
Learn about minibeasts using big plastic bugs and magnifying glasses, fact sheets and a fun interactive discussion using photos and plastic bugs to pass round.
Then make your own bug house and watering hole and plant their own herb to attract minibeasts to your garden.
Paint your own bug rocks!
Play some fun games!
Maximum 10 children.

Little Scientists parties
Lab coats, safety goggles, Lanyards and clip boards are provided for every child.
It’s a party of predictions and surprises at this party!
A huge range of experiments are carried out, these may change from party to party. But every party is guaranteed to enlight the little scientist in every child!
We will also play some games.
Maximum of 10 children.

Potions Class parties
We start with reading the class register, at the same time each witch or wizard takes part in the wand ceremony where their wand chooses
them. The children may also keep these wands after the party.
Each child then gets a cauldron to make a potion in, they will have access to equipment such as spray bottles, pipettes, scoops, test
tubes and more. Ingredients will include white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, lemon, coloured water, dish soap, herbs and more (all of which have magical names).
They will then take part in a colouring changing fizzing activity.
Certificates will be given to every child.
The perfect party for any Harry Potter or Worst Witch enthusiast!
Maximum 10 children.

Adopt a pet party!
This is the cutest party around!
Choose from either puppies or kittens!
Each guest is allocated a random ticket which is given when they arrive at the party. Once every child has arrived the crate of cuddly
puppy or kitten soft toys is brought out!
Each puppy/kitten has a collar with a number on it. Every child then meets their new best friend!
We welcome our new puppies/kittens by filling out an adoption form.
We must ensure our pets are healthy so we take them to the vet role play area.
Next it’s to the pamper parlor! Our pets need brushing, trimming and wrapping up in a warm blanket!
Once they have a clean bill of heath we invite our pets to join our party by decorating a party hat for them! We need to decorate a hat for ourselves to match them too!
We then play some really fun games! Including pet parachute toss, pin the nose on the pet and pass the parcel!
Maximum 10 children.

We run a variety of workshops throughout the year too!

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