Little Learners is a unique & exciting messy play and mark making program suitable for 5 months to 5 year olds. Our classes, parties and events are designed for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn to write through play.   

Fun and engaging one-hour sessions develop your child’s pre-writing motor skills, as well as their physical and social development in relation to the EYFS guidance. We follow a unique writing program where we explore a different mark each week. Every mark helps us to form our  letters, numbers, shapes and patterns.

Each session includes messy play, paint, play-dough, sand, scribbling, movement and dance – all in a safe and fun environment. Let your child come and make their mark.

Discount: 15% off term bookings (note: term bookings referring to 5 week terms, does not apply to drop ins, events and parties). To book please email me: and say you are a VIP. Show your VIP card at your first class. Many thanks.

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