ENJO is a mechanical, not chemical cleaning system.
ENJO is a system of special fibres that you use with water alone! You simply never need to buy antibacterial spray, bleach, cloths, sponges and wipes ever again.

ENJO fibres consist of very small strands (100th the width of a human hair) that reach into the smallest pores and the tiniest crevices, meaning surfaces are cleaned pore deep and not just surface clean.

When you switch to ENJO you change more than just your cleaning habits, you change your thinking and benefit from
– More Time – ENJO cleans quicker and easier
– More money – ENJO can cut your cleaning bills by 50%+
– Improved health – no fumes or ingesting or absorbing chemicals
– A cleaner home – ENJO is PROVEN to be more effective then chemical cleaners
– Improved environment – No chemicals entering waterways, no packaging, no waste!

Hosting a demo in your own home gives you and your guests the perfect opportunity to see ENJO fibres in action and benefit from host discounts.

Members of MY VIP CARD will receive a set of ENJO eye pads free (worth £14) for each demo booked with Leona, Annie or Amanda with total demo sales of over £50!

Simply contact Leona, Annie or Amanda to book your demo and show your current MY VIP CARD to claim your free eye pads.

Free ENJO eye pads offer is only available to demos booked with Leona, Annie or Amanda. This is an exclusive offer to MY VIP CARD holders only.

Leona:07789 887544
Search Facebook for ENJO with Leona
Email: Enjowithleona@hotmail.com

Annie: Annabel.enjo.uk@gmail.co.uk
07807 778800
Search Facebook for ENJO with Annie

Amanda: www.facebook.com/ENJOUKwithAmandaHill

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