Hey all I’m Carrie

I’m the Shropshire sales Representative for Tranquility Cosmetics- theres less than 150 of us in the country.
The scent throw on our wax melts are amazing and the bath dusts turn bath time into the most relaxing expereince! We have all you need to make your home and yourself feeling amazing and smelling fresh!

What makes Tranquility Cosmetics different?

❀️ All of our products are cruelty free.
🧑 All of our products are palm oil free.
πŸ’› No packers are used and we only use the necessary ingredients in our products.
πŸ’š We don’t use paraffin wax.
πŸ’™ No staining colours.
πŸ’œ Contains oils that nourish the skin.
πŸ–€ Packed with maximum strength fragrance and colour.
πŸ’– Handmade to order in Manchester.
🀍 Products hold a full cosmetic assessment.
❀️ Amazing choice of products and scents

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