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Business Testimonials

“Just want to shout out how great my VIP card is from a business owners view. Since signing up we’ve seen an increase in numbers that attend our football classes 

This is obviously brilliant, but the support and effort from Maddy makes it totally amazing! 

It’s a fantastic idea which suits all forms and types of businesses, if you’re not already a part of it then I strongly suggest you get in touch.”


- 1st Touch Football

“Absolutely fantastic!!! That’s how I feel about the my VIP card!! As a business owner it has not only brought us lot of new customers but it has also helped people that have the card to try new places!
Card holders are often chatting to each other in our shop about where they have used their cards and where they are off to next it’s brilliant!!! Amazing value for money and brilliant for small businesses”

- Tots City

” I partnered my business with My VIP as I believed we could offer My VIP card holders a great service at exclusive rates.
This partnership has NOT failed to deliver. In 7 weeks of of going live (as of 3/4/18) it has generated over £840 in additional sales . by clients that I would not of have had in that City.  The support from the CEO of My VIP has been great, with helping word ads, posting ads, sharing and also by her keeping growing the membership. So, to sum 2 things up, 1: If your a member of the public then this is certainly a fantastic card to purchase and start making huge savings and, 2: If your a business owner, then the free sign up is great, the exclusive discounts that you can offer the members you will easily make back & more, and remember, free to join and sign up, it only costs you the % discount you give the card holders when they purchase your service/product/offer, so, its a no brainer really. Good luck”

- Supreme Window Cleaning