Shirley Patterson – Homoeopath/Qest 4 Practitioner/Learning Support

As an experienced homoeopath of 12 years, I combine my expertise with Qest 4* within my practice. I offer non invasive full body screening and can also accept home visits in the Southampton area if my patients are unable to travel due to small children, age or multiple appointments.

*Qest 4 measures the body’s response to nearly 40,000 signatures such as nutritional needs, food sensitivities, environmental factors, toxins, parasites, bacteria and viruses. Chakras, meridian imbalances and hormones can be corrected. Spinal  misalignments,  dental and TMJ stress is also made evident. Energetic signatures are then imprinted into a medium (sugar pills or water)to reset to a healthy state of balance. After treatments most people are able to introduce items otherwise not tolerated.

I am also very committed to helping under achieving children and young adults who have learning difficulties or that come under the Autistic spectrum to actually make progress in many areas of their development. Qest has been vital in picking up many dysfunctions and restoring equilibrium.

With combining homoeopathy and bio-resonance you can achieve good health and and a high level of fitness for life.


Discount for VIP 30%


Adults £90

Children £50

OAP £50